A Brief Conversation with My Hair

A Brief Conversation with My Hair is a collection of short literary humor pieces that have been previously featured on such websites at McSweeney's, Yankee Pot Roast, The Big Jewel, Opium Magazine, and The Science Creative Quarterly. Some of the titles (which may give you an idea of the content) are: "The Calls of Cthulu", "All I Need to Learn, I Learned From Kindergarten Cop", "Diary of a Grocery Cart", "Dionysus: Party Clown", and "A Brief Conversation with My Hair". The forty-plus pieces in this collection find the bizarre in the everyday or some bit of the everyday in the already bizarre. If you ever wondered if Allen Ginsburg could have put his considerable talent to writing pay-per-click ads or how Calvin and Hobbes may have responded to reading Hemingway, you will find the answers here.

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