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Atypical Millennials participating in conversations covering the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything else we find interesting about today's society.


Mid-Season Announcement
2019 May 2242s
Let’s chat - but we need little break! Jake (co-host and producer) is out of town!
Episode 61 - "Chasing the Joneses" with Allie & Jake
2019 May 151h 1m 8s
Let’s talk about how millennials keep up with the Joneses. Are the Joneses even the same people they used to be or are millennials trying to be a new type of family.
Episode 60 - "Attracted to Chaos" with Paige Orphan
2019 May 091h 3m 1s
Talk with Allie, Jake, and Paige about the large group of Millennials who abstain from the use of substances. Are you one of the few who do not drink or use tobacco - your group, might be bigger than you think.
Episode 59 - "try again" with Allie & Jake
2019 May 011h 1s
Come talk with us about Millennials and their propensity to always stay BUSY!
Episode 58 - "Earth Tones" with Katie Greenwood
2019 Apr 241h 10m 26s
Join us this episode to talk about the millennial coffee trends, coffee culture, and the life of a Barista.
Episode 57 - "Gin Bucket" with Ian & Taylor
2019 Apr 171h 9m 36s
Join Allie and Jake as we are joined by bride and groom to be. We discuss all their plans for their upcoming nuptials as millennials.
Episode 56 - "Bonus Features" with Allie & Jake
2019 Apr 101h 27m 47s
This episode we discuss the does and don’t of social media. Where do we post and what do we post? Is there an etiquette to posting or have we just turned social media into a constant flow?
Episode 55 - "No Comment" with Margery Bayne
2019 Apr 031h 33m 3s
Join Allie, Jake, and Margery to talk about millennials and their attachment to fandoms. From music, to books, to fanfiction we cover it all!
Episode 54 - "Kewl" with Zach & Olivia
2019 Mar 271h 20m 6s
This week we talk with Zach & Olivia about how important emoji choice is in each conversation and what they mean to our long term language development.
Episode 53 - " Box of Chalk" with Mark Bayne
2019 Mar 201h 47m 3s
Join us to discuss the millennial obsession with reality tv! We grew up in a transition between scripted tv and Netflix streaming. That transitional era was controlled by reality tv. Come chat with Allie, Jake, and Mark to discover the impacts of reality tv.