Chit Chad with Chad and Jake
  • Jake James, Chad Scherbarth
24 episodes
---- Chad and Jake discuss randomly selected topics.- Chad and Jake have a Chat


Chit Chat - Episode 33
2020 Jun 171h 22m 17s
We're back to talk about life during the epidemic.
Never Scene It - E.T.
2019 Sep 0653m 36s
Elsa guesses the plot of E.T.
Episode 32 - Squirrelers in Kansas
2019 Feb 031h 2m 33s
Season 5 begins after a long hiatus.  Chad's in Kansas! Elsa is producer! Jake is still in California!
Episode 31 - Brain Needle
2018 May 231h 2m 26s
Is it Brain Storm or Green Needle? Are you a Laurel or a Yanny?
Episode 29 - The Christmas Prince Scale
2017 Dec 311h 50s
Our 2017 Christmas Special
Story-time with Alex and Charley Three
2017 Jul 3010m 9s
Alex and Charley once again tell dragon tales.
Episode 26 - The Hat is Back
2017 Jul 3058m 59s
The hat! Season 4 begins.
Episode 25 - Summer Flops and Transformers Rap
2017 Jun 261h 6m 44s
Jake and Chad talk way too long about movies again; also Chad raps.
Chad's Mixtape 1 - Music for Commuting
2017 Apr 3027m 14s
Belle and Sebastian - Party Line *