Hot mess express
  • Kate Martin
7 episodes
This is about moms and everyday life! We will be discussing all the beautiful Chaos that comes with mother hood along with marriage and family. This is to show you that you are not alone and it’s okay to feel like you’re driving the hot mess express.


Being nostalgic
2019 Feb 1313m 26s
Today’s episode is just talking about what nostalgia means to me and what I can bring to the table maybe it’s just me rambling on but it’s something that’s been on my mind for a couple days so I hope you enjoy the rambling
Be kind to EVERYONE
2019 Jan 0711m 45s
This is talking about something I am PASSIONATE about! Be a good human being and stop being a dick
Parenting styles
2019 Jan 0713m 35s
Today I’ll be talking about how it’s okay to have different parenting styles and you shouldn’t feel guilt or less of a parent because of how you do things!
Mom guilt
2018 Nov 2913m 36s
Take advantage of the village that’s around you! Have a little me time and don’t feel bad for it!
2018 Nov 2513m 33s
Talking about this holiday season and being thankful!
2018 Nov 2047m 37s
This is about post partum depression. Just talking about my experiences s how it’s okay to seek help and talk to someone!
2018 Nov 209m
Today I’ll be discussing what topics I’ll be talking about and introduce myself and my co host 🙃 this podcast is for all moms who just feel like they are losing their minds in all this beautiful chaos! I hope you enjoy with more to come