Why Do You Believe?
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Why Do You Believe is the official podcast of Southern Evangelical Seminary. Since 1992, SES has provided integrated training in theology, philosophy, and apologetics to equip believers to proclaim the Gospel, engage the culture, and defend the Truth.


Kathryn Camp: The Importance of Critical Thinking
2020 Aug 2833m 37s
Kathryn Camp joins Eric Gustafson in this podcast to give an update on her ministry including her work with college and career aged young adults.
From Faith to Doubt and Back Again
2020 Aug 141h 13m 15s
She's from Zoe Girl; he's from Hawk Nelson. They both struggled through questions and doubt. Now she's an apologist and SES student, and he's a skeptic. Listen to the recording of this honest dialog from a recent Why Do You Believe? LIVE broadcast.
Animal Death
2020 Aug 071h 34m 32s
Do animals have souls? Do they go somewhere when they die? In today's podcast, Eric sits down for a chat with Dr. Kyle Keltz to discuss the nature of animal death.
Presup Redux with Dr. Richard Howe
2020 May 281h 35m 27s
Why should we care about apologetic method? Is it really that important? Dr. Howe and Adam Tucker will recap their recent discussion on apologetic method with our friends from the T.A.G. You're It podcast.
Inerrancy, Philosophy, and Apologetics: A Dialog on Apologetic Method
2020 May 072h 5m 45s
Join us for this dialog on apologetic method with our friends from the "T.A.G. You're It" podcast. All four participants agree that inerrancy is both true and extremely important. However, they defend inerrancy, and Christianity, in very different ways. Is classical or presuppositional apologetics the correct way to defend the truthfulness of Christianity? This was a fun and lively intramural dialog!
How to Minister to Our Youth
2020 Apr 3040m 19s
David Joiner and J. Warner Wallace join Eric Gustafson virtually to discuss how we can better minister to our youth and answer the honest questions that they have today.
Freedom, Lockdowns, & The Church
2020 Apr 2343m 47s
Faced with the COVID-19 Pandemic, how should the church respond? Adam Tucker and Dr. Richard Land discussed this on our first live-streamed podcast!
Apologetics: Loving Our Neighbors Through COVID-19
2020 Apr 1645m 34s
Today we have a chat with SES alum, Dr. Derwin L. Gray, on how his experience at SES has helped shaped his ministry, as well as looking at how the current COVID-19 Pandemic affects us in our ability to minister. Dr. Gray also shares some memories of his mentor Dr. Norman Geisler.
But I Thought God was Good?
2020 Apr 0256m 25s
As we continue to face our new normal of dealing with COVID-19, the question on many people's minds is, "Why would God allow this?" Today, we reach back into the archives of the National Conference on Christian Apologetics and listen to a talk by SES alumna Jill Graham as she addresses the real struggle involved with understanding the goodness of God in light of suffering. We pray you will find the information both helpful and edifying.
Does A Good Understanding of Science Erode a Person's Faith? Part 2
2020 Mar 2751m 33s
Eric Gustafson, Dr. Fazale Rana, and Dr. John Sanford continue the discussion of a recent Earbiscuits podcast from the well known Rhett and Link. In the mentioned podcast, Rhett describes his de-conversion from the Christian faith. Was it a good understanding of science that eroded his faith, or something else? We go deeper.