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I'm currently working on a concept album made up of 7 different Ep's, totaling 50 songs. Each Ep uses a different style/theme and explores a different area of the human condition & the faults we find in others, ourselves and people in general. Vol. 1 & 7 are available now. I'm currently working on Vol. 2 Vol. 1 "Heart Disease" (Rap EP about Relationships, Released January 2011) Vol. 2 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Rap Ep about Life and Science) Vol. 3 Cold & Flu (Rap Callabs) Vol. 4 Arthritis (Acoustic Songs) Vol. 5 Dementia (Rock Songs) Vol. 6 Carpal Tunnel (Electronic Songs) Vol. 7 "Broken Teeth & Black Bones" (Piano based songs, Released in March 2010)

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