Crooked Butterfly Podcast
  • Brian Chontosh
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This is me, sharing where I'm arriving in thoughts, perspectives, and ideas after a dynamic 21 years serving in the Marine Corps and wrestling with "Who Am I"; authentically, and Who Do I Want To Be" now that the military construct is not forcibly shadowing my life. I've found that Nature and tackling the physical & emotional challenges of ultra endurance adventuring provide more insight and clarity on the why's of my experiences and the where's that I can seek for continued personal growth.


Diesel Day & Finding Failure
2020 Sep 2435m 54s
Some dialogue on why and what I'm looking for out of myself from the next few upcoming big events.
Taking Stuff Off the Plate
2020 Sep 1626m 27s
Leaders balance driving vision with setting conditions for turning vision into action.
Feeding the Third Circle
2020 Sep 0926m 24s
I got caught up this week spending time thinking about how others think of me.
Real Time Self Talk
2020 Sep 0217m 24s
I started the episode absolutely lost and absent, but just needed to get into it. What came out was on the spot self talk on getting through a 'moment'.
From Being Recharged to Max Drain Rate
2020 Aug 2627m 20s
Just getting off a great hunting trip in MT with amazing people and feeling renewed in spirit and humanity to being reconnected to the word and absolute disgust.
Self Awareness as a Fault
2020 Aug 1225m 35s
Stop reinforcing who you are for the sake of who you are?
Fighting Tasks & Burning Wood
2020 Aug 0623m 52s
Talking out loud how it's easy to get buried and start to feel paralyzed by mounting tasks.
Loss of Accountability & Fear of Confrontation
2020 Jul 2931m 45s
Holding each other (ourselves) Accountable is NOT at odds with Tolerance, Patience, Understanding, or Forgiveness.
A Few Things I Practice
2020 Jul 1532m 49s
If you spend the time doing the easy stuff consistently and having it ingrained in your character, it makes the once in a while hard stuff much less hard.
Respect & Loyalty
2020 Jul 0822m 13s
You want my loyalty - earn it through mutual respect.