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#221 The Lord of the Rings: Gollum Video Game
2020 Aug 2537m 24s
For those of you who like Lord of the Rings, let's introduce the next game coming out soon!
#220 The Next Batman Game
2020 Aug 1933m 35s
We now have more information on the next Batman game WB is planning on announcing this weekend!
#219 Fall Guys Offering In-Game Brand Costumes
2020 Aug 1828m 45s
Fall Guys is now pitting brands against each other for exclusive costume rights and donations to charity!
#218 Time For An Epic Lawsuit Throwdown
2020 Aug 1530m 15s
Looks like they've been planning this one for months, boys! It's go time!
#217 Get Quake For Free
2020 Aug 1431m 45s
Here's how to go about getting both Quake II and Quake III for free! Check out the first link in the Article Links section. Not sponsored, btw.
#216 The Risky Surface Duo From Microsoft
2020 Aug 1332m 37s
Will this pay off for Microsoft or crash and burn? Let's find out!
#215 Brand New See-Through TV
2020 Aug 1226m 25s
After a several month long hiatus, or so, we're back to our regularly scheduled show! Check out this see-through tv, it's pretty crazy!
#214 New PS5 Details
2020 Mar 1920m 44s
Finally! We have specs for the PS5!
#213 Global Game Delays
2020 Mar 1821m 30s
With more people spending time at home, demand for gaming has increased with has also started overwhelming and crashing servers of some of the larger games. Tune in to listen to some advice on what to do and some alternatives to help pass the time.
#212 Bill Gates Leaves Microsoft
2020 Mar 1423m 37s
Bill Gates is stepping down from the board at Microsoft, effective today. Not only do we with him well in this other efforts but I also find today's date ironic that he would announce it today...