The Tutor Outreach Radio with Dr. Alicia "Alise" Holland

What in the world is going on in the tutoring industry? Do you want to expand your tutoring business? Are you ready to take your tutoring business online? Are you looking to become a better tutor? The Tutor Outreach Radio hosted by Dr. Alicia “Alise” Holland, is a globally syndicated radio show that focuses on new trends, tutoring strategies, business strategies, research results, and sharing practical experiences in the fields of Education, Leadership, Tutoring, and Coaching. Our bi-weekly program is tailed to help reach out to tutors, tutor business owners, like yourself, to empower you to move forward with your goals to MANIFEST your dreams. Dr. Alise will bring her knowledge, experience, and sense of humor to the discussion, but will also have guests from all over the world who are leaders in Education, Coaching, Leadership, and Tutoring. Listeners can call in with their questions as

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