Why Would You Make This?

Host Jimmy Time, Brother Skylar, and Pro Wrestler Jay Delta watch and re-tell bad entertainment and try to understand or make up the decisions behind why it was made.

Season 3 is all about Total Non Stop Action. We review the absolute beginning of Impact Wrestling by watching the NWA TNA weekly PPVs and question how this arrogant, gross, racist, sexist, and surprisingly skillful company ever survived nearly 20 years and still going. Season 2 was all about a show people think was good, but really isn't. The (1959 TV Series) "The Twilight Zone". Jimmy Time has never seen The Twilight Zone except for one episode. Writer Eug Van Lith tries to convince Jimmy it's a good show and Wrestler Jay Delta tries to convince Eug it's not. Season 1 was all about horrible movies. With 100 episodes, we go from the 2011 Adam Sandler film "Jack and Jill" , to the 19

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