High Fives Punk Rock Podcast

Simply put, this is about music. More specifically, the music that we grew up on. Punk Rock. Though the punk rock pigeon hole has just now been created, there will be discussion of music outside of that genre, but punk music will be the main thread of this podcast. Now we aren't just a couple of slouches eager to mouth off about this and that. We do have a bit of credibility behind us. Over the past 20 some years we have collectively played the roles of band member, record producer, record company owner, show promoter, and super fan. I can hear you now. So what! And you're right, fair enough. But we have focused this podcast a little more than just a show about the music that we love. Each episode will consist of a "Top 5 List". Top five favorite Fat bands. Top five favorite break up songs. Top five insert theme here It's sounding better already. Am I right? Even

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