Higher Conversations Podcast

Welcome to the Higher Conversations Podcast: Exploring the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga, Mysticism & Divination, hosted by Kellee Rich, founder of kelleerichyoga.com. "Higher Conversations" are conversations between Self, Source, and Spirit, that raise the collective consciousness of the world, offering content for change and transformation. In this podcast we explore the meaning behind “Higher Conversations” with solo-casts, special guests, storytelling and calls to action, or invitations, in order to create a global community of thought warriors, disruptors, activists, spirit ambassadors, health and wellness light-workers, soul navigators, and so much more! This is the place where we rediscover the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga, Mysticism & Divination. Explore the depths of your spirit through the divine format of story, medicine and magic. You belong here!

Visit this podcast’s website at www.kelleerichyoga.com/podcast

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