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The Official Podcast of the Subreddit of the Colorado Rockies, hosts Zach, John, and Jack talk about the current state of the Colorado Rockies via common and advanced statistics, and baseball as a whole.


Episode 58: Unfathomable
2020 Sep 0951m 31s
Zach, John, and Henry run down the team that is the 2020 Rockies. They're not good. But they beat the dodgers in LA. But playoffs? But bad.
Episode 57: So maybe we're not good
2020 Aug 261h 4m 25s
Zach, John, and Evan plead with the Rockies to win some games, or at least, shake up the front office.
Episode 56: We're the best in the league/a cat interrupts the pod
2020 Aug 101h 4m 39s
Zach, John, Evan, and Henry discuss being the best until a random cat interrupts the pod
Episode 55: No You're a Small Sample Size
2020 Jul 311h 15m 22s
Zach, Evan, and Henry run down the first place 2020 Colorado Rockies and the recent events like having pitching???
Episode 54: 2020 is a season
2020 Jul 241h 11m 9s
Zach and John preview the season that is 2020
Episode 53: Some Thoughts on Free Agents
2019 Dec 091h 14m 5s
Zach, John, Jack, and Henry talk over some free agent ideas prior to the winter meetings.
Ep 52: Finally Going Over September Stats and That One Cheating Scandal
2019 Nov 151h 18m 20s
The gang talks about The Nats, the Astros, the Awards, then finally fleshes out September stats.
RPTP Ep 51: #FireBridich
2019 Oct 041h 3m 42s
Zach and John run down the disaster of Jeff Bridich and Dick Monfort including total contracts with WAR and the press conference from hell.
Episode 50: At least the Marlins exist
2019 Aug 2057m 39s
An intimate two person affair between Zach and Evan after the Marlins series. Things looked up except for Wade Davis existing.
Episode 49: One could call this a team
2019 Aug 101h 7m 3s
Zach, John, and Jack relive some of the woes of the worst month in MLB history.