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Long-DistanceBackpacking.com is a website dedicated to the world of long-distance backpacking. This site strives to create a firsthand knowledge base of backpacking expertise—not just gear but also trail towns, backpacking culture, notable and deserving figures in the backpacking community, on- and off-trail living, and much more—that will arm long-distance hikers with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. Long-DistanceBackpacking.com founder Aaron “Squirrel Meat” Richardson has hiked over 3,000 miles of trail, including 700 miles of the PCT and a complete AT thru-hike in 2003, and he brings to this site the hard-earned wisdom of those many steps he’s taken. As one of a very small percentage (annual estimates range between 10–20%) of thru-hikers who ever complete their attempt, he knows both the joys and the hardships of life on the trail—knows how it feels to catch the view fr

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