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Lauren Fleshman and Jesse Thomas are world class professional endurance athletes, authors, speakers, and co-own a nationally distributed food products business called Picky Bars. They also happen to be married, still, and are raising two small children. They use their experience, stories, writing, and humor to answer to answer listener questions about sports, family, business, and the balance between all three! It's a circus, but hey, we're all in it together!


81: Team vs. Individual Training, Intuitive Eating, Kids and Sports
2020 Sep 1649m 19s
In another “late night” edition of the pod, Lauren and Jesse dive into the important things in life: what's the dumbest thing fight they’ve had in quarantine? When do you wear race medals in a socially distanced world? What would each of them most likely get arrested for? Is holding hands while running…a thing? Plus, Lauren and Jesse answer your questions about intuitive eating, how to navigate team training when your training style is different from your team mates, and balancing family life with s
80: Training Time Vs. Family Time, Primary Parent Responsibilities, Coaching During COVID, Couples And Exercise
2020 Aug 0357m 1s
You all asked for it, and Lauren and Jesse answer: just what does a “primary parent” do? The Work, Play, Love duo share how they divvy up household responsibilities and answer questions about how to balance training vs. family time, what to do if your partner doesn’t share your values around exercise, and Lauren offers some tips for coaching during a pandemic. Plus, Lauren talks about recent meetings at Oiselle and gives a book update, and Jesse gives a preview of a new Picky product.
79: Eating While Injured, Partner Pace Differences, Marriage Advice, Social Media And Antiracism
2020 Jul 201h 6m 25s
Jesse and Lauren dust off the microphones and share what they’ve been up to this summer. Lauren’s busy coaching and writing her book, and Jesse’s enjoying his new role as “primary parent." Now they’re back to answer your questions about work, sport, and relationships. They discuss how eating habits can change while injured, they offer advice to a married couple to be, they help a couple that have different paces during their run date, and they talk about the intersection of anti-racism and social
78: Retirement, Dream Days, Managing Stress, Privilege, Fueling For Hard Workouts
2020 Jun 011h 5m 58s
Lauren and Jesse are finally getting used to balancing Work, Play, and Love in…is it year 9 of stay-at-home? They catch up about family life during the pandemic, Jesse’s retirement as a triathlete and Lauren’s first race in over a year. They also answer questions about how to deal with high-stress situations, how to fuel when you’re burning a ton of calories, what is Lauren’s “dream” day, and how much does effort vs. luck (and privilege) play into where Jesse and Lauren are today.
77. Recovering From Injuries, Moving In Together, Eating Post-Exercise, Side Hustles
2020 Apr 241h 7m 32s
Quarantine is dragging on and Lauren and Jesse are busy schooling their kids, having blow-ups about injuries, setting up a campground in the back yard, and dealing with the headaches of bed time. And they're not alone! Being cooped up is working for some folks, and is a major challenge for others. Lauren and Jesse  hear from listeners who are frustrated and recovering from injury, a couple who thinks "hey this isn't so bad," and are considering moving in together, a couple who have more time to get a side hustle going, and from an athlete who wants some post-workout nutrition advice.
76: Funny Race Stories, Being An Ally, Staying Motivated In A Pandemic, Zoom Meltdowns
2020 Apr 1756m 18s
It’s been a tough month for everyone. Some folks are losing their sh*t on Zoom. Some folks are trying to keep their spirits up without sweet exercise. And some folks are getting into shouting matches with their neighbors about who should be on leash—your dog, or your child?! Lauren and Jesse give an update about their life over the past month and answer your questions, like what are their craziest race stories, how do you stay motivated in the pandemic, how can you be a better ally, and more.
75. COVID-19, Racing With Strava, Asking For A Raise, Training In Quarantine, Deciding On Parenthood
2020 Mar 2352m 42s
One day you’re busy at work or training for your next race, the next you’re buying huge boxes of Lucky Charms and trying to convince yourself to buy that foot massaging doormat at Costco. Yep. The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically affected most aspects of our daily lives. Jesse and Lauren share how they’re balancing work, play, and love in quarantine with a host of new challenges. Plus, they field questions about how to train during a pandemic, how to communicate your worth to your boss, and more.
74: DNF Marathon Trials, The First Picky Bar, Optimization Vs. Happiness, Past Decisions
2020 Mar 1147m 53s
Appearances are deceiving and the things you don’t know can be surprising—like the fact that Lauren used Excel spreadsheets to cook up the first Picky Bar. in this episode, Jesse and Lauren give a behind the scenes look at why athletes might decide to DNF at the Olympic Marathon trials, they discuss how the first Picky Bar recipe was created, Jesse talks about how optimization gets in the way of his happiness, and the two consider their past decisions and share what they would do differently today.
73: Flirting At Work, Parenting And Diversity, Sleep Vs. Working Out, Break Ups
2020 Mar 0256m 49s
Jesse called and y’all answered! Lauren and Jesse field questions that are a bit out of the work-play-love ordinary. They offer advice to a married person who finds themselves in flirty situations at work, they talk about raising kids to appreciate and understand diversity, they consider when to trade sleep for working out, and they talk about breaking up with (and getting back together with) a long-term partner. Plus, Lauren gives an update on her book and Jesse celebrates some Picky Bars successes.
72: Training And Soreness, Trans Competitors, Relationships With Exes, Marathon Performance Consistency
2020 Feb 2458m 56s
How do you know when you’re overdoing it? When do your efforts start to result in diminishing returns? It’s not easy to know, especially when balancing work, play, and love. Jesse and Lauren answer questions about persistent soreness during a training cycle (are you over-training?), how to handle relationships with exes, and what it means when you start to backslide in your marathon performance. Plus, they discuss the intersection of inclusivity and competition when it comes to trans athletes, and more.