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Select Fire is a weekly gaming podcast, hosted by Facebook streamer Tat3rade.

Each week you'll be kept up to date on latest in gaming, hardware and technology news.

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Next Gen Console Wars are happening & 5 x 5| EP6 | with Taterade
2019 Apr 2629m 27s
The Next Gen console wars are happening, Sony, Xbox and Nintendo are you getting excited. Also a new segment called 5x5 and a story about a boy and his GameBoy.
The Division 2 gets a raid, Battlefield 5 gets new game modes, and some rich kid goes crazy | EP5 | With Tat3rade
2019 Apr 1327m 39s
This week The Division 2 builds upon its end game content by adding raids. Battlefield 5 reddit god Temporyal gives the community all the new news that we have been waiting for and Prince Harry loses his marbles
April Fools, Borderlands 3 breakdown and Intel rattles the GPU market | Ep4 | With Tat3rade
2019 Apr 0625m 7s
This week I recap all the best April Fools gags in the industry. Borderlands 3 get announced and I break it down. Plus Intel deserves attention in the GPU market.
Box of Chocolates & GDC | Ep3 | With Tat3rade
2019 Mar 3021m 13s
This weeks shows consists of
Master Chief comes to PC for real this time | Ep 2 | With Tat3rade
2019 Mar 1618m 34s
343 Industries drops a bombshell, Borderlands makes people ruin their pants and did you buy your RTX too soon.
A new beginning | Ep 1 | With Tat3rade
2019 Mar 1023m 20s
Battle Royale games are taking the community by storm.