Was That Really Necessary?
  • Zach Buehl, Paul Aubuchon
15 episodes
A look at Hollywood's obsession with remakes, reboots, sequels, and prequels.


15 - To Catch a Predator(s)
2020 Jun 021h 9m 58s
What happens when you take an endlessly quotable 80s action flick and try to reboot it into a slick, 2000s action film? Well, we've actually asked that multiple times on this show, but this time it's an action sci-fi epic: PREDATOR! We'll talk about unnecessary bicep shots, Topher Grace, not having time to bleed, and Danny Trejo's many cinematic deaths. So why don't you just have a seat right there for us and listen in!
14 - A New Dawn, A New Dead
2020 May 1256m 21s
Who remembers that Zack Snyder once made a movie that James Gunn wrote before either of them were famous? We sure as shit do!Who remembers when George Romero made a worthwhile ...of the Dead movie? We do! Join us as we take a journey into what happens if malls were abandoned, everyone stayed in their homes while gun-toting crazies roamed freely, and a crazy disease threatened to infect everyo... Wait, why does that all seem so familiar right now?
13 - I Broke My Point
2019 Dec 2159m 39s
Surfers were all the rage in the early 1990s. At least, that's what it feels like. Join us as we watch a pre-total insanity Gary Busey yell at Dr. Cox, then think about how far Delroy Lindo has fallen to be associated with the heated mess of extreme sports and Robin Hood-ing that is the Point Break of the new generation. Did we love either of them? "Love" may be a strong word...
12 - Dead or Alive, You're Listening to Me
2019 Oct 211h 4m 36s
Robert Oliver Copington was a mild-mannered police officer that is about to have a no-good, very-bad day indeed! But fear not, for he is our savior, risen to avenge the people of Detroit, henceforth known as Robocop!Okay, that's not exactly it, but as far as the remake was concerned, it may as well have been. Come with us as we do bad Dutch accents, talk about Jesus, and hear why Paul likes Sam Jackson unfiltered! We're talking Robocop and it's... a thing.
11 - Not Even Supposed To Be Here Today
2019 Sep 0352m 10s
I assure you, we're still doing podcasts.Holy crap, remember when Kevin Smith made a sequel to Clerks? Yeah, we mostly didn't either, but just for you guys we took a look at it and here we are! Join us in the View Askewniverse as we talk about Dante, Randal, Jay & Silent Bob, and all the milkmaids you could ever dream of!
10 - Die the Hardest
2019 Aug 1554m 55s
Remember when Bruce Willis cared about his roles? Remember when Justin Long was cool? Neither do we, but we took a look at Die Hard and Live Free or Die Hard for this one, give a listen!
9 - Freakiest of Fridays
2019 Jul 1651m 19s
What happens when an out of touch writer tries to write a movie about parents and kids being out of touch with each other? Pop Punk cover songs? Terrible green screen action? Rampant misogyny? Racist caricatures? How about all of the above? Join us as we journey into the world of Freaky Friday and see just how freaky it really gets...
8 - Pee Wee's Big... Something
2019 Jun 071h 3m 2s
Who doesn't love the asexual, perpetual child Pee Wee Herman? Well, even after a 20+ year hiatus, people loved him enough to bring him back with some serious firepower producing it! So, strap in for a wild ride as we go through watching Paul Reubens get his groove back. Don't forget to tell them Large Marge sent you!
7 - Look Out, Here Comes the Spiders-Man
2019 Apr 231h 13m 17s
We take a look to see if an experienced, unique filmmaker can make a more interesting looking movie than a music video director can. Well, of course they can, but that's not all we talk about! Who is the better Peter Parker? Can they make an interesting Curt Connors? Does Marvel have anyone that isn't an alliterative name? Join us as we look at Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man (and a dash of Homecoming). And yes, all those hyphens are necessary!
6 - Gotta Fever and the Only Cure is More Cabin
2019 Apr 0553m 36s
Did you watch 2002's Cabin Fever and think that it just wasn't that great? Did you think maybe you could do it better? Well, some director did and tried to do just that! Only he just took the same script and shot list and had a go with that. The results were about as you expected, but our conversation around it is not!