• Thomas Adams
27 episodes
A podcast dedicated to the greater LA Art world, following artist, Thomas Adams, around the city interviewing artists, gallerists, curators, and museum directors- but mostly, artist. This podcast is an attempt to introduce the LA art scene to a larger audience that might not be exposed to art as much as they would like to be but also to have a forum for us to talk about our art world to each other.


Ep. 25 Justin Michell
2019 Apr 071h 43m 25s
Justin Michell is a Los Angeles baised painter who incorporates collage into his artwork.
Ep. 24 CACtTUS LB with Roxana Martinez
2019 Feb 2555m 55s
Creative Arts Coalition to Transform Urban Space (CACtTUS) is a donation based project space for emerging contemporary artists established by both Jorge Mujica and Mayra Serna. We interviewed Jorge and their current artist in residence, Roxana Martinez and discuss their personal practices and the ways CACtTUS functions as art gallery and work space.
Ep. 23 Michael Nannery
2019 Feb 041h 31m 12s
Michael Nannery is an artist based in Long Beach, California. His prints, illistrations, installations, and communal activities deal with time, our relationship with the natural world, and much more. Nannery currently has work on view at Gallery Flux in Long Beach.
Ep. 22 Adee Roberson
2018 Nov 191h 1m 44s
Adee is an La Based interdisciplinary artist born in Florida whose work is a "celebration of joy and black liberation" and about finding the balance between grief + celebration. She uses music, painting, and filmmaking and has recently collaborated with MOCA Los Angeles.
Ep. 21 Tatiana Vahan
2018 Aug 1448m 30s
Tatiana Vahan is a Los Angeles artist and curator whose work is conceptual in nature and focuses on the relationship between art, the artist, and capitalism. She is the founder of the Bar Fund grant initiative and is currently working on the Los Angeles Artist Census.
Ep. 20 Gerardo Monterrubio
2018 Jul 191h 7m 17s
Gerardo is a ceramic based artist from Oaxaca, Mexico whose work is influenced by murals, graffiti art, and other imagery from the streets of LA. He has work up right now at the Riverside Museum of Art and is currently working on a body of work for a solo show in the near future.
Ep. 19 Mark McKnight
2018 Jul 1158m 8s
Mark McKnight is an analog photographer who strictly works with the traditional black and white film. Upcoming shows include:
Ep. 18 Essence Harden
2018 Jun 281h 17m 44s
Essence Harden is an independent curator and artist (and much more!) born and raised in Oakland California. Upcoming shows she has curated and worked on are:
Ep. 17 Sergio Teran
2018 Jun 1956m 39s
Sergio Teran is a painter, printmaker and teacher. His subjects are usually of his friends, collegues, and family members posing infront of a Los Angeles landscape.
Ep. 16 Norm Laich
2018 Jun 1137m 45s
Norm Laich is an artist, sign painter, and fabricator that has been intrigul to the Los Angeles art scene for several years. He has worked with several of the art world's biggest names and currently has a show at the ICA/LA of peices he fabricated for others such as Mike Kelley and Arturo Herrera.