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Rooted in faith, these moms will bring you laughter, knowledge, and insight on business leadership and family life, through their own experiences and with inspirational guests and experts.

Tune-in for weekly podcasts hosted by full-time Real Estate Agent/Entrepreneur Sarah Dykema, and Veteran Radio Host Irma Blanco.


052 Focus - Where are you Spending Your Time? 'The Best Yes' Episode 2
2020 Mar 1928m 37s
Sarah gives us an update on her challenge to stay off social media apps on her phone, and how taking a Time Study survey really opened her eyes to exactly how much time she has in her day to be focused and intentional with her time.
051 Focus - Scheduling time with intention, Episode 1
2020 Mar 0525m 58s
In this episode - Sarah reveals how social media apps on her phone are taking up way too much of her time and focus away from what's important.
048 Taking Risks Ep 2 - with Vickie Winkler founder of H.E.A.R.T.
2020 Feb 139m 4s
Sarah and Irma share an excerpt from a new favorite podcast, Straight from the Heart.
047 Taking Risks Episode 1 Sarah opens up about motherhood and adoption
2020 Feb 0624m 52s
This month we are talking about TAKING RISKS.
046-Establishing Core Values - Episode 4
2020 Jan 3111m 39s
Episode 4 of our theme this month - Establishing Core Values.
045-Establishing Core Values - Episode 3 Chaili Trentham returns with more advice and how she stays true to her own list
2020 Jan 2321m 46s
Sarah sits down with Chiali Trentham again this week about breaking down your Core Values and how to best implement them into your life. We'll hear how Chiali does it in her own life and how important it is to 'HALT' what you are doing and get back to your core values to tackle your challenges.
044- Establishing Core Values episode 2- The Worksheet with Chaili Trentham
2020 Jan 1721m 10s
Sarah chats with Chaili Trentham, Director of Operations at West Productions & Leadership Development Consultant and host/creator of Coffee on Leadership.
043 Establishing your Core Values
2020 Jan 0923m 25s
They are back!
042 Brittney McCarthy - But First, Sleep! The best way to get your baby to sleep
2019 May 0724m 40s
Sarah & Irma talk to Brittney McCarthy a Pediatric Sleep Consultant founder of 'But First Sleep'.
041 Angela Chee teaches us how to be ‘YOU, Amplified!’
2019 Apr 0947m 5s
Sarah and Irma head to San Diego to sit with Angela Chee, former TV news anchor, media strategist, and communication coach.