The Hummingbird Effect Podcast
  • Farika B Redux and Lakeda
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Innovation inspiring innovation from one passion to another is The Hummingbird Effect. Listen as Farika B Redux and Lakeda share the zig-zag journey of their lives as they go from one passion to another in hopes of inspiring you in your life.


The Last Will and Testament
2020 Feb 121h 28m 2s
With all that has occurred since we first thought to record this episode including the unexpected passing of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and 7 other passengers of the same helicopter accident,  we couldn't have timed it better than to talk about a subject most avoid until it's too late.
S3 EP1 I Don't Mind My Journey
2020 Jan 081h 2m 15s
The take away word from 2019 was JOURNEY.  Whew chile! But, we don't mind our journey! It's a new year and a new season and we are focused! But not just our own journey, we are also learning major life lessons by exploring and engaging with others about their path too.
The Monthly Astrology Episode: Aries!
2019 May 0155m 12s
Aries ...We didn’t forget you. It's your turn to be presented on the Monthly Astrology Bonus Episode.
The Monthly Astrology Episode: Pisces!
2019 Mar 2829m 16s
In continuation of our passion for people we bring you - The Monthly Astrology Episode. This month is featuring - Pisces!
S2 EP6: Your Diet is More Than Food: Mental and Physical Health
2019 Mar 152h 3m 59s
Your "Diet" is not only what you eat. In fact we consume things into our body and mind all the time.  In this episode, we are breaking down the impact of what we watch, listen to, read and the people in our lives and how they impact our "diet"/habitual consumption. Also, we share our passion of sharing. Sharing is Caring" is more than just a statement - it's a way of life for Farika and becoming an easier process for Lakeda.  See what we share and how it could help you too!
S2 EP5: Composing You: Introspection for Goal Achievement
2019 Feb 141h 16m 34s
Introspection - the final frontier. 👀 Or so it seems😁...Introspection is a passion that takes us deeper into exploring ourselves. Come explore yourself with Farika and Lakeda as they voyage🚀 into composing 📝 themselves and begin the process to take action on their goals for the year. See what's possible when you take action and become resolute about your goals.
S2 EP4: Cover Uranus; Transformation is Coming!
2019 Jan 3055m 36s
In this episode, we continue using astrology to analyze our lives, but this time we are focusing on our passion for transforming our lives via goal setting.  Let's have fun making goals using an unconventional method like Astrology.
S2 EP3 Hey Baby, What's Your Sign?
2019 Jan 181h 14m 42s
New year, new passions to explore! Focusing on all things passion, Farika and Lakeda take an in-depth look at one of their passions, people! Join them as they share their people analysis skills from an astrology lens. This is the Hummingbird Effect Podcast - Innovation Inspiring Innovation from One Passion to Another.
S2 EP2 Thank You 2018, What's Next?!
2018 Dec 0548m 55s
Wrapping up from Election Day and going into the Holiday Season, along with laughing and having fun, Farika and Lakeda are being Grateful for their year and sharing ideas on how you can be grateful too! This is the Hummingbird Effect Podcast - Innovation Inspiring Innovation from One Passion to Another.
Season 2: Episode 1 - ...And Liberty and Justice For All?!
2018 Oct 2448m 40s
We're back for Season 2!  We don't normally do political commentary or topics, but with the Elections coming up in November being just weeks away...we had to break protocol to rally up the people to get to the poles. In this episode, we discuss our absence and we dig into politics giving, in brief, the history of the Black vote and why it's important now more than anytime to get out to the polls.  In the words of Jenifer Lewis of "Blackish" TV show..."Get Yo Ass Out and Vote!"