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Trying to get pregnant? Need vital information on fertility and reproduction? Then tune into "HaveABaby.com Live" with host Kim Hahn, brought to you by the Sher Institutes for Reproductive Medicine. From enhanced embryo selection and male infertility to third party reproduction and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, Kim Hahn and the doctors from the Sher Institutes cover the questions and concerns couples face when they are trying to have a family. "HaveABaby.com Live" with host Kim Hahn broadcasts each Thursday at 10 a.m. Pacific (1pm Eastern) on the VoiceAmerica Health & Wellness Channel. "HaveABaby.com Live" sponsored by the Sher Institutes for Reproductive Medicine - Helping couples go from infertility to family.


New Fertility Technology: Air Date - 1/29/09
2009 Jan 2955m 38s
Join host Kim Hahn as she speaks with Peter Ahlering, M.D. – SIRM-St. Louis about current technology and tests that are being used to start families.
PCOS Basics and Beyond: Air Date - 1/15/09
2009 Jan 1555m 44s
Join host Kim Hahn and Natalie Schultz, M.D., SIRM-Central IL, as they discuss the most common cause of not getting pregnant, why it’s diagnoses and treatment is sometimes considered controversial, and what it means for your reproductive future.
Fertility Preservation through Egg Cryobanking: Air Date - 01/08/09
2009 Jan 0854m 27s
Join host Kim Hahn as she talks with Geoffrey Sher, MD – SIRM Las Vegas about the procedure and it’s benefits. Plus, find out how SIRM is working to expand cryobanking to include eggs.
Hope for the Holidays: Air Date - 12/18/08
2008 Dec 1854m 37s
Join host Kim Hahn and Drew Tortoriello M.D. – SIRM New York, as they discuss ways to be positive about your treatments and where to find support. Plus, find out how to prepare your body for a fresh start in 2009.
Treating Male Factor Infertility: Air Date - 12/4/08
2008 Dec 0455m 36s
Join host Kim Hahn and Dr. Ahlering – SIRM St. Louis, as they talk about progressive treatments like DNA fragmentation & assessment of immature sperm, & high-resolution intracytoplasmic sperm injection, and more.
Failed Fertility Treatment: Air Date - 11/13/08
2008 Nov 1355m 56s
Host Kim Hahn talks to Aykut Bayrak, Medical Director of SIRM-Los Angeles, about your options—whether you continue with your treatment or move onto something else.
Why Do Egg Donation?: Air Date - 11/6/08
2008 Nov 0656m 58s
Join host Kim Hahn as she speaks with Peter Ahlering, Medical Director of SIRM-St. Louis, about the procedure, when a woman should consider it, and the benefits and success rates.
Goodbye PCOS, Hello Fertility Treatment: Air Date - 10/30/08
2008 Oct 3052m 45s
Join host Kim Hahn and Dr. Drew Tortoriello, Medical Director of SIRM-NY, for a discussion about this common problem, the possible risks facing these women, and what the outcome of these treatments.
How Metformin Could Help You Conceive: Air Date - 10/23/08
2008 Oct 2356m 12s
Join host Kim Hahn as she talks with Robert Greene, M.D. – SIRM Sacramento about this treatment and why it could work.
Overcoming Recurrent Pregnancy Loss: Air Date - 10/16/08
2008 Oct 1656m 18s
Join host Kim Hahn and Aykut Bayrak, M.D. – SIRM Los Angeles for a discussion on the effects of recurrent pregnancy loss, why it happens, and how it is treated.