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Psychosis Symptoms: Podcast Episode 10
2018 Oct 237m 17s
Psychosis is a mental state characterized by a break from reality. How can you tell when a loved one is experiencing symptoms? In this episode of UNC Health Talk: The Podcast, we talk with Karen Graham, MD, medical director at OASIS, a clinic in the department of psychiatry at the UNC School of Medicine that treats…
The Truth about Vaping: Podcast Episode 9
2018 Sep 2115m 9s
Sitting at a red light, you notice a large plume of vapor exuding from the car next to you. A slight creme brûlée smell hits your nose. That’s when you notice that the person puffing this sweet-smelling vapor appears to be a teenager. This episode of UNC Health Talk explores vaping through the lenses…
Prostatitis: Podcast Episode 8
2018 Sep 0517m 2s
Did you know that half of all men will experience prostatitis at some point in their lives? Prostatitis is a painful condition involving inflammation and in rarer cases infection of the groin, including the prostate, penis, testicles, perineum and/or rectum. Not only is it terribly uncomfortable; it can be a little scary. We asked…
Ovarian Cysts: Podcast Episode 7
2018 Aug 207m 56s
Did you know that cysts are a part of an ovary’s normal functioning? Most ovarian cysts develop and disappear without you ever knowing and pose no health risks. Sometimes, however, things are more complicated. Some cysts are dangerous and require treatment. How can you tell the difference? If you’ve ever wondered about ovarian cysts–their causes,…
College Health Tips: Podcast Episode 6
2018 Aug 029m 9s
This episode of UNC Health Talk: The Podcast is for high school graduates preparing to enter college (and their parents). Up until now, your health has largely been your parents’ responsibility. But now high school is over and it’s time for college. Even if you’re continuing your education close to home, it’s time to take…
Why Men Should Do Yoga: Podcast Episode 5
2018 Jul 2011m 25s
A lot of men have misconceptions about yoga, according to REX Wellness Instructor and Registered Yoga Teacher Gwen Saint Romain. One misconception is that yoga is always calm, slow, peaceful and easy. In fact, some yoga classes can provide very intense workouts that leave you dripping with sweat. There are tons of health benefits associated…
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: Podcast Episode 4
2018 Jul 059m 32s
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps heal chronic wounds. But how? In this episode of UNC Health Talk: The Podcast, we talk with Mark Sturdivant, MD, medical director of REX Wound Healing Centers, about how hyperbaric oxygen chambers work. Join us as we chat about everything from the science of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to the experience of receiving…
The No-Scalpel Vasectomy: Podcast Episode 3
2018 Jun 1413m 5s
Matt Coward, MD, urologist and assistant professor in the UNC School of Medicine doesn’t use a scalpel–or any needles–when he performs vasectomies. For couples and individual men who don’t want kids (or any more kids), the no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy is a popular option. But why? How effective is this seemingly simple procedure? How permanent is…
The Health Benefits of Ice Skating: Podcast Episode 2
2018 May 309m 34s
Ice skating is probably available to you, even if you live here in North Carolina, where it’s not icy outside very often. But how often do you strap on the blades and get gliding? If the answer is “Not very often,” then this episode is for you. You’re missing out! Ice skating is great for…
Chest Pain that Isn’t a Heart Attack: Podcast Episode 1
2018 May 168m 54s
Do you ever experience a pain in your chest and ask yourself, “Am I having a heart attack?” In this—the very first episode of UNC Health Talk: The Podcast—we discuss chest pain that is NOT a heart attack with Deepak Pasi, MD, cardiologist at North Carolina Heart and Vascular, part of UNC REX Healthcare. We…