The Sandman Salon
  • The Sandman Salon
4 episodes
Join Josh Siegel (@modHero) and Amber Garza (@amberhardfemme) as we give the new Sandman Universe comics a deep read and revisit the original series with a modern, queer lens.


Episode 4 - It's Reactionary Gourd Season, Motherf*ckers
2018 Oct 161h 1m 26s
Amber and Josh are at odds over what to think about Merv Pumpkinhead, who we follow in issue #2 of The Dreaming (by Simon Spurrier, Bilquis Evely, and Mat Lopes.) Is he a pumpkin pushed too far by forces outside his control or is he just a jerk-o-lantern with his head stuck in a pumpkin patch? We also look back at The Dreaming '96 Special #1, featuring the first Sandman Universe appearance of Judge Gallows, whose terrifying brand of frontier "justice" upsets the status quo of The Dreaming and reveals the unsettling function Cain & Abel serve for our collective unconscious. TW/CW: Horrible f*cking judges.
Episode 3 - Looking At The Meme In The Mirror
2018 Sep 181h 5m 5s
We get to crash the best party ever! House of Whispers #1 is a whirlwind of diverse faces, fresh concepts and ominous themes. Listen to our hot take on it and let us know what you think!
Episode 2 - Immortal Anthropomorphic Abstraction Blues
2018 Sep 0845m 4s
Let's dive right in to The Dreaming #1! But only after discussing the scientifically accurate anatomy of certain mythical beasts. We also talk about The Sandman's appeal as a standalone comic, and the trepidation we feel seeing its magic parsed out across the greater DC universe.
Episode 1 - The Call of Lord Milkyface
2018 Aug 1051m 44s
FIRST EPISODE! Amber and Josh dive into Sandman Universe #1 headfirst for a hot take on this highly-anticipated sequel to one of our favorite comics.