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Warning: Space Camp Podcast may contain comedy but makes no guarantees. May also feature incoherent, steam of consciousness discussion that will deprive you of some of the precious few moments we get on this Earth. You have been warned. Support this podcast:


Cancel Culture, Happiness, and Fasting
2020 Jul 262h 1m 49s
What happens when you undergo a 72-hour fast? Listen in as we look through our experience. We dive into “The Algebra Of Happiness” by NYU professor Scott Galloway and look at the ways to find meaning and worth in your life. Finally, we take a look at “Cancel Culture” and its impacts on the world. Does the internet mob deserve to be arbiters of truth? Listen in to find out.
Industrial Society and Its Future - Finale
2020 Jun 2946m 21s
Hello Friends,
The Future of Streaming
2020 May 231h 14m 34s
From Amazon Prime Video to Quibi, we look at the future of streaming in your home. Is it good to have HBO, Netflix, Hulu, and more available all the time?
In China When It Spread - Ft. Stan Mou
2020 Apr 191h 12m 40s
Hello Friends,
The War on Drugs ft. Jose Gastaldi
2020 Mar 241h 8m 51s
Hello Friends,
The BS Asymmetry Principle with New Guest
2019 Nov 0442m 48s
Hello friends, in today’s podcast we bring on a new guest, Eric Herbert, to talk about the bullshit asymmetry principle. We get lost in the weeds early but gather ourselves to touch on the dangers of headline reading, how to argue trolls, and even global warming. Sadly, our recording gets cut off abruptly due to technical difficulties. We hope you enjoy!
An Intro to HBO's Watchman Series
2019 Nov 0110m 27s
Join Soren on this solo podcast to dive into a little history of Watchmen and a quick review of episode 1: "It's Summer and We're Running Out of Ice".
The Game Changers
2019 Nov 0118m 2s
Hello friends, today Kyle discusses the new Netflix documentary touting the vegan lifestyle, The Game Changers.