The Voice of Calm Podcast with Liz Horsman
  • Liz Horsman
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How mindful are you? The Voice of Calm Podcast explores mindfulness, happiness and that oh so elusive, calm. Liz Horsman takes us through the best of the week on Voice of Calm plus interviews, reviews, recommendations and loads more. Created by psychotherapist, songwriter and teetotaller, Liz Horsman, Voice of Calm promotes mindfulness, inspiration and shared insight. It is a place to stay for a while, look around and visit regularly to refuel your spirit.We all have a Voice of Calm: an inner wisdom that knows the answers. Mindfulness is about practicing awareness of our thoughts, being mindful of our habits and training that inner calm. If you are unfamiliar with mindfulness then we’re here to help you.As a society we are so programmed to over-indulge while ignoring basic self-care. Our lives can become physically and mentally toxic and we risk crashing. Mindfulness is not an escape from reality, in fact, it is an embrace. Practicing mindfulness in our everyday lives can make us more present then ever, ready to be our best selves.Mindfulness is an ongoing journey. It is not something that once completed never has to be reviewed. We are constantly learning and growing. It seems like a devestating waste for one person’s self discovery to be hidden away and not shared. Voice of Calm is a place to share, learn, explain, explore and enlighten.Although true happiness lies within us, not outside of us, there are huge rewards in hearing other people’s stories. We hope you will find mindfulness tools, light, joy and learning here: something you can take away and use to nourish your own Voice of Calm.


You cannot control life so stop trying and start living!
2019 Sep 1015m 21s
Are you a control freak? A perfectionist? Stop trying and start living!
Food therapy with Victoria Adams: why do we eat too much?
2019 Jun 1932m 22s
Liz speaks to Victoria Adams about making the right food choices and sticking to them.
Gabrielle Aplin on mental health and ADHD
2019 Jun 0624m 42s
Gabrielle Aplin talks about her ADHD diagnosis and how it's improved her life.
A Guided Meditation To Start Your Amazing Day
2019 May 3112m 43s
Guided meditation for setting your days intention
Balaram the Bhakti Yogi on meditation, self-realisation and the Hare Krishnas.
2019 May 0321m 18s
Liz speaks to Balaram at the Hare Krishna temple about meditation and self realisation
Julia Rose on the rise of the Insta Yogi
2019 Apr 1920m 50s
Julia Rose has a good moan about 'Insta Yogis' and tells us what yoga is really about.
Let go of the things that have been holding you back!
2019 Apr 1215m 32s
Jump into the river of life and let it carry you away.
Matt Brown on mindfulness, creativity and Love Island
2019 Apr 0423m 33s
Children's author, Matt Brown visited the studio to chat to Liz about writing, staying mindful and not getting sucked into social media.
Mike Spencer on Meditating With The Muse 2 Brain Headband
2019 Mar 2920m 37s
Embracing failure, Muse 2 review and Mike Spencer in conversation with Liz.
Rheumatoid Arthritis Was My Greatest Teacher
2019 Mar 2222m 2s
Liz chats to the inspirational Andrea Manning about how Rheumatoid Arthritis changed her life.