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Real Estate Mortgage Radio Meets Podcasting! Two middle-aged (one more aged than the other) finance guys share their expertise, opinions, and conversation with a truth-starved world. Tune in for the awesome info and some lively talk! Recorded live radio broadcasts from our weekly show in Madison, Wisconsin - the Hub of Midwestern Culture (we made that last part up).


BANKS vs BROKERS - Apples and Oranges
2007 Jul 0131m 12s
Banks are banks - they got all the money (yours) and press, and clout to paint their picture as your financial friend. Are they? Do you get your best deal there? Find out today!
How to Shop Your Lender - Without Getting Burned!
2007 Jun 0127m 12s
Got a loan? Not sure it's the best deal? Think there's smoke and mirrors? The biggest fear everyone has - or should - is that shopping tears up the credit score.
MORTGAGE GOLIATH TROUNCED - Chevy Chase Loses Lawsuit Over Fine Print
2007 Apr 0728m 38s
This mortgage-gone-bad story is getting attention across the US as it applies to borrowers everywhere. According to an article in the Washington Post, Susan and Kevin Andrews of Cedarburg, Wisconsin refinanced their home in 2004 into what was explained - and reportedly documented - to be a 1.95% interest rate that was to be fixed for five years. It was not. The Andrews family decided to fight and eventually took the lender - Chevy Chase Bank - to court and WON, setting the table for a class action lawsuit by thousands of borrowers in the same boat. This is their story - and their caution - to the listeners of Your Home-Your Money as related in this excellent live interview.
FSBO RADIO - Contracts and Closing by Jessica Zerbst
2007 Mar 2627m 48s
Selling your home without a Realtor? Just a little confused? Lucky for you real estate attorney Jessica Zerbst is here to set you straight on key points of contracts and closing that FSBO deal. When was the last time you got some great advice from a sharp lawyer for FREE? If you're smart - TODAY!
KIVA Talk-a-Thon
2007 Mar 1828m 17s
Please go here on Monday, March 19th, as Bill and I host our one-hour of this this important Talk-a-Thon between 8 and 9 AM (CDT) on Monday.
Debt, Credit, and Maxed Out - We Interview Scott Bilker
2007 Mar 1832m 3s
Scott Bilker is Back! Been trying to get this busy man - advisor to dozens of finance columnists and media - for months. Scott, author of three books on credit debt, will talk with Bill Quigley about his latest work, his perspective on the dealing with credit card companies, and the new docu-movie, Maxed Out. Check out his info-packed website - - then check in with us for this excellent interview. Don't be late - we're thinking about charging admission next time.
2007 Feb 2427m 23s
The Mortgage Guys continue their series on For Sale By Owner selling - called FSBO RADIO - with some input on how to price and market your home. Darren Kittleson of Keller-Williams knows how to sell homes. He also knows the Wisconsin real estate market. So If YOU want to sell your FSBO, listen to the Best of the Best in this live simulcast interview.
HomeSmartMedia Alert #3 -The Death of Miss Piggy
2006 Dec 2114m 25s
New Tax Law allows deduction of Mortgage Insurance. What's the effect on your pocketbook? Is the PiggyBack Loan gone forever?
2006 Dec 068m 47s
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The Wisconsin Guys vs The Mortgage Guys
2006 Dec 0639m 14s
This is a fun show! The Mortgage Experts - affectionately known as The Mortgage Guys on Madison1670 - are invited to spend an hour with Prebil and Murphy on their daily radio broadcast about Wisconsin life. The Wisconsin Guys ain't all there, but they sure know how to liven up a show. Lots of banter, laughs, and even some pretty good mortgage advice keep this 40-minute kick rolling (we edited out the commercials for your listening convenience) along at breakneck pace.