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Trophy Hunters Exposed: Inside the Big Game Industry
2020 May 2725m 25s
Eduardo Goncalves, author of "Trophy Hunters Exposed: Inside the Big Game Industry", talks about the findings of his 2-year investigation into the trophy hunting industry - and why he wrote the book in the first place. The book is available from...
Britain's Trophy Hunting Shame - & Why we need to REPORT illegal hunting in the UK - November 19, 2018
2018 Nov 1948m 17s
EXCLUSIVE: Britain's Trophy Hunting SHAME. Plus - How to Stop UK Hunters in Their Tracks
WAR on the DISABLED? Green Future News explores the savage benefits cuts facing disabled people, and the surge in disability hate crimes - November 5, 2018
2018 Nov 0533m 34s
Surge in disability hate crimes as UN condemns British government's "grave and systematic" violations of disabled people's human rights
Why it's time to BAN Trophy Hunting - Our View: October 30, 2018
2018 Oct 309m 59s
REVEALED: how British trophy hunters are killing hundreds of elephants, hippos, bears, leopards, zebras and lions. New campaign launched to BAN all trophy hunting.
EXPOSED: The Evil Trade in Jaguar Body Parts - October 21, 2018
2018 Oct 2018m 39s
EXCLUSIVE interview with lead undercover investigator into Jaguar body parts trade
Lion "Farming" & South Africa's BRUTAL Canned Hunting Industry EXPOSED - October 8, 2018
2018 Oct 0724m
The explosion in the lion "farming" and canned hunting industry REVEALED
REVEALED: The Lion Bone Trade - Trophy Hunting's Shocking New Trend: September 30, 2018
2018 Sep 2944m 58s
REVEALED: The shocking new trade in LION BONES - and how a Trek for Big Cats aims to help SAVE endangered felines
CLIMATE CHANGE: is it time to take governments to COURT? September 24, 2018
2018 Sep 2327m 42s
CLIMATE CHANGE: should we SUE politicians in order to force them to act?
Is Britain guilty of war crimes? The arms industry's influence over UK foreign policy REVEALED - September 17, 2018
2018 Sep 1633m 57s
REVEALED: How British-made weapons are killing thousands of innocent civilians, including children, and fuelling what the UN is calling the world's worst humanitarian disaster
Trophy Hunting EXPOSED: the truth behind this sick industry, the cruelty it inflicts, the impact on endangered wildlife, & the industry's lies laid bare. September 3, 2018
2018 Sep 0237m 55s
Ex-LACS CEO Eduardo Goncalves & Born Free's Mark Jones reveal all about how hunters are killing our wildlife for "fun"...& selfies