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Welcome to The Adele and Michael Show, for frank and fun discussion on life and relationships. In this podcast, we will explore all aspects of life both the visible and the invisible, self awareness and relationships of all kinds. Please visit us at, @adelesearchingforOZ or @michael55


Why Don't You Love Yourself - The Real Reason
2020 Sep 2525m 26s
In this episode Adele and Michael discuss the real reason we have trouble loving ourselves and reveal the secret answer to self love. No more need for self esteem, ego boosts, validation from others or self judgment.
Youth and Aging
2020 Sep 231h 54s
Adele and Michael discuss concepts and unique viewpoints on youth and aging.
What Does a Healthy Relationship Look Like
2020 Sep 1428m 50s
Adele and Michael talk about what a healthy relationship is, what it looks like and how they created one themselves. They also discuss t he work and commitment i took to get to the relationship they always wanted! You too can achieve this, with a little focus and commitment  : )
Trusting Your Partner
2020 Sep 1020m 54s
Don't miss this episode!  MIchael and Adele discuss trusting your partner, the hows and whys alog with some personal experiences.
2020 Sep 0957m
In this episode Adele and Michael talk about codependency and the effects it has on us.
Understanding Anxiety and Sensitive People
2020 Jul 1456m 58s
Adele and Michael explore different types of work relationships, including the communication amongst fellow employees, the hierarchy within a workplace between the owner, managers & employees along with business partnerships. The show also examines the unique relationship structures that exist between teammates, a parent & child, within a nuclear or extended family as well as both intimate and sexual relationships. Most importantly, they will help you navigate the relationship you have with YOURSELF!
Supporting Your Partner
2020 Jun 076m 2s
A discussion of what is support and what is not.
Intimacy a Deeper Understanding
2020 Feb 0556m 10s
Michael and Adele cover different paradigms of intimacy and being close that go beyond physical intimacy.
Sex Love and Connection
2020 Feb 0456m 30s
Speaks for itself
Dragging the Past into the Present
2020 Jan 037m 7s
How we drag the past ideas and beliefs into the present and how it affects our life