Custom web and mobile app development.

(We're now Citizen Code)

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Product Design

  • Web & Mobile Design
  • UX Design & Prototyping
  • Responsive & Cross-platform

Software Development

  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
  • iOS, Ruby on Rails, MySQL
  • Continuous Integration

XP Process

  • Collective Ownership
  • Frequent Releases
  • Test-Driven


  • Lean Startup
  • Build-Measure-Learn
  • Customer Development

The Team

We are a team of agile, full-stack engineers committed to building quality Ruby on Rails and iOS apps. We are based in San Francisco and Seattle.

  • Heather Moore, Partner - Seattle

    Heather is a full-stack web and mobile application developer. She is also a teacher at GirlDevelopIt.

    Heather's Specialties include Ruby/Rails, iOS (iPhone/iPad), Javascript, TDD, Customer Development.

  • Erik Hanson, Partner - SF

    Erik is a full-stack web and mobile application developer and experienced agile/TDD mentor and coach.

    Erik's Specialties include Ruby/Rails, OO Javascript, Agile/XP, TDD, iOS (iPhone/iPad), Java, Android, WebOS.